For more than 20 years, Marcum Media has been successfully creating and revitalizing brands, launching products, changing consumer behaviors, and motivating people to care about issues that matter.  Our clients’ success has catapulted us to be included among Advertising Age’s “20 Agencies to Watch in America” and Forbes’ “Top 100 Global Ad Agencies that Know Social Media and Google.”  Marcum Media employs and co-employs marketing professionals working in four offices: Phoenix, Tucson, La Jolla and Breckenridge. The company is led by an experienced team of marketing professionals with an intense commitment to helping the firm’s clients succeed, an amazing ability to provide the most innovative campaigns, and the dedication to remain involved in the daily operations of clients’ business. 


Travis Marcum

Founder & CEO

Travis has enjoyed a successful career in the direct marketing industry for over 20 years. He first entered the industry in 1998, as in telemarketing for a home shopping program, and fell in love with the industry.

Theresa Marcum

Chief Strategic Officer

After earning a BA in Education from Northern Arizona University, Theresa's career in marketing began in 1998.  She worked with several Fortune 100 companies such as Dial and Xerox.  


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